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In order to guarantee a quality translation, more than just a translator is needed. At Applied Linguistic Solutions, we have the tools needed to guarantee the quality- not only of our translations, but of every linguistic solution that we offer. How do we do it?

Each translator and proofreader on our team has hands-on experience in the translation field in which he or she specializes. In addition, both our translators as well as our proofreaders use computer assisted translation tools (CAT tools) that help them deliver uniform and consistent translation results. We are not talking about automated translations, but rather tools that are specifically designed for translators who take their job seriously.

In fact, our team is comprised of professional translators and linguists from various parts of the world. Applied Linguistic Solutions takes care of gathering them to put all of their experience in translation, proofreading, editing, technical writing, transcription, and other areas of applied linguistics at your service.

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